Mission Statement

Our Mission- Our mission at The Sullivan Group is to create imaginative and effective ways to distribute risk which enables businesses to operate and individuals to prosper.

Our Core Values – In pursuit of our mission, we believe our core values are essential and timeless. They form the culture of our company.

People- We value our clients, whether insurance buyer, retail insurance producer, insurer or reinsurer. We listen closely to the needs of our customers and collaborate with our insurance partners to create imaginative and effective means to distribute risk. We combine our energy, market & product knowledge, and our talents to achieve truly creative risk distribution arrangements that fully meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. We provide unmatched value and service.

We value our employees. Employees are treated as individuals and empowered to do their best. Our greatest strength lies in the skill, judgement and talent of our employees. We recognize that our success is related directly to the dedication and performance of our employees. We value honesty, integrity, mutual respect and teamwork. We believe in the potential of people who are inspired, engaged and work together for common goals & objectives.

We embrace the diversity of our employees, their ideas and cultures. We believe each employee has unique skills, knowledge and experience which makes them important. Our diversity makes us stronger and everyone’s contribution matters. We foster an environment which stimulates professional excellence and encourages contribution by all employees. We recognize and affirm the unique and intrinsic worth of buying phentermine online.

We provide a challenging professional experience for our employees. We work together across businesses sharing knowledge and best practices. We communicate openly and candidly. We encourage risk taking, celebrate initiative and reward success. We value and celebrate our differences and are united by our desire to be the best.

Integrity- We believe that honesty is the foundation for integrity and trust, which is a fundamental characteristic of our conduct in all aspects of our work. We build mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, be they insurance buyer, retail insurance producer, insurer or re-insurer. We are resilient when faced with obstacles. We conduct our business ethically and responsibly. We have a commitment to quality in all we do. We believe in doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.


Continuous Learning- We believe everything can be done better, faster and more effectively in a learning environment. We believe knowledge empowers and learning leads to change and growth of individuals and businesses. In striving for continuous learning and improvement, we encourage innovative risk takers, and employees who accept accountability and change as generic ambien. Our continuous learning and personal development allow us to excel.


Results- We design, market and deliver creative risk products and services to meet the most challenging standards of our customers. We create value and build loyalty by understanding and exceeding the expectations of our clients. We endeavor to earn our clients’ trust. Our growth is founded upon earning trust.

We have a commitment to excellence. We value competence and creativity, and strive for swift execution. In a complex business, we strive for simplicity and clarity of purpose. In everything we do, we endeavor to act with honesty, openness, fairness and integrity. We are committed to the highest standards of excellence in everything we do.
We enjoy working together and take pride in our work and our group of businesses. We strive to make The Sullivan group a great place to work.

Private Ownership of our Businesses-
Our focus is long term. We strive to establish and develop sound relationships between our customers and insurance markets so that all parties in the relationship benefit substantially in the long run. The very structure of our corporation and businesses must reflect the fact that this goal can be achieved effectively only if we are able to focus primarily on the long term. Our ability to concentrate on the customer-market relationship to the extent that we are committed would be hampered by serving shareholders in addition to our clients and our employees. Private ownership permits us to experiment, take risk and to be creative. We are committed to the private ownership of our businesses.

Our World-
We behave responsibly as a corporate citizen. We think beyond our business to our communities. We cultivate hope for our future by investing in people, education, good works and charities. We will demonstrate good corporate citizenship through the ethical conduct of our business.