Giving Back

At The Sullivan Group, we encourage each other to reach out and give back to our industry and our community, improving the lives of our employees and the world around us. It is our belief that the more our employees come together to help those in need, the more united we become as a company. The Sullivan Group embraces volunteerism, social involvement, environmental awareness, and educational development. As a result, we are constantly working to adapt to the varying needs of our society and contribute to the health and wellness of our world.

The Sullivan Group in Education- The Sullivan Group encourages employees to obtain higher levels of education through an educational reimbursement program. We also actively promote the educational pursuits of children by partnering with local schools and volunteering with at-risk youths. We understand that educational success extends beyond the classroom. The Sullivan Group believes that knowledge empowers and learning leads to change and growth of individuals and businesses.

The Sullivan Group in Community- The Sullivan Group passionately supports organizations which contribute to improving the lives of those in need. Much more than financial contributors, we pride ourselves as being “hands-on” in our approach to making our community healthier and happier. Building on The Sullivan Group’s tradition of giving back, we are always expanding our philanthropic efforts to various organizations in the interest of positively impacting as many lives as possible.

The Sullivan Group & The Environment- An important part of being a good corporate citizen is being a good citizen of the environment. At The Sullivan Group, we strive to make a difference in the community by doing our part to help preserve our natural resources. “Going green” is beneficial for both the workplace and global environment. It reduces waste and unnecessary clutter, streamlines efficiency, reduces costs and establishes a more meaningful work environment. For The Sullivan Group, “going green” is a commitment to understand how everyday waste affects our company, our community and our world. One of our goals is to implement positive changes in the way we conduct daily business; changes that reflect our desire to care for the environment. We are working to establish creative and practical ways for our employees to reduce their carbon footprints and take more active roles in protecting our environment.

The Sullivan Group & Ethics- The Sullivan Group prides itself on conducting business ethically and responsibly. It is our belief and commitment to do the right thing, even when no one is watching. We believe that honesty is the foundation for integrity and trust, which is a fundamental characteristic of our conduct in all aspects of our work.